Sunday, July 23, 2006

MONTARA LIGHTHOUSE - - - 36 roll (+) 3

Hola my dear friends, here part of the happines to be part of The Lighthouse show, the last night.

The space inside...

Rupa and chicos of El radio Fantastique planning the night

final meeting

And outside... a microphone capturing the voice of the Abuelo El Mar for the show

A piece of poem atrapado en las cuerdas...

Ceviche before the show

Last sound check, before the sunset

El cielo me quiere decir algo....

La noche start with the amazing group EL RADIO FANTASTIQUE, I ´m sorry but I was totally in shock listening every song and I didn’t take any picture...

and after that. Rupa and the April Fishes !

Calm and passion of Ed baskerville

Aqui leyendo poems in english, was my first time just in english...
---thank you Ella for the pictures---

before the sea
there was only ocean and ocean
now tears

the ocean tells me
things that the sky
doesn’t want me to know

the waves sing
love songs for
the lonely rocks

the sea breeze
enters my closed eyes
crying within

the smell of the sea
is the best transportation
towards childhood

the skin of the sea
shining and silky
always waiting

how the sea shines
how it tells me things
when you see it

the sea feeds
on written words
on the shore

keep the shore
the only secret
your name and mine

---Translation by Nina Serrano---

A bailar con Rupa !

I wrote this poem in the midlle of Rupa singing...

Rupa rasga la guitarra con los ojos cerrados
su mente se llena de mar
de pájaros azules en el agua
de peces anaranjados en el aire
su corazón quiere salir de su pecho
las palmas del publico son las gaviotas sobrevolando la orilla
Ed hace llorar el cello
Caleb despeina palabras con voz ronca
Erick las recoge y las convierte en latido
Adrian inventa colores y Marcus los pone a bailar
la guitarra se derrite
es el cielo de la locura
es hora de un vino tinto

Bravo rupa and the April fishes ! the end of the night the amanecer jamm...

Awaking with the smell of the sea... is like come back towards chilhood...

El paisaje before and after the ALTAR for meditation, ---was created this morning---

The edge of the sea...

El camino que nos lleva a la caida de agua

Carlos Castillo never tell me about his piece but I suppose is this...

- - - Chau faro, hope to see you soon - - -

( + )
Aqui el PLUS, like the old 35 mm films, when we had the option to take 2 or 3 more shoots.
Flowers and beautiful view, sea and Rocks, ceviche and friends, para que mas?

paz, poesia y ceviche

Sunday, July 16, 2006


Was part of ENCUENTROS - ENCOUNTERS, a series of shows in Somarts, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and Galeria de la Raza in San Francisco. Master curators at Somarts: Rene Yañez and Rio Yañez.
The performance was part of the CUADERNO AFRICANO video-installation, a series of visual poems with images from Uganda. Photos by the lovely Anais Azul and Adrian.

Performance created by Adrian with the collaboration of Tania Figueroa (body painting), and Mara Brown (drawings).
The performance start with Tania dress with a wedding dress

Tania was painted in white and exploring the video-installation and herself

Mara drawing Tania

Adrian painting Tania

ready to go

- - - OUTSIDE - - -

in the Mexican Bus

entrance of the Mission Cultural Center

Tania and me at the entrance of Galeria de la Raza, the final station of the Mexican Bus and ENCUENTROS show

We come back to SOMARTS and Tania finish the black Adrián for the final performance

video camera stills

and the last one is an amazing drawing of black Adrian by Mara, thank you Mara, you are Mara-villosa

Next performance is POETRY at MONTARA LIGTHHOUSE with Rupa & The April Fishes, El Radio Fantastique, Lars Howlett and Carlos Castillo, Saturday July 22 at 7pm.
check this sites:

to read my poetry: (sorry just in spanish)

AND Next presentation of Frontier of the Body in Lima, August 12, Teatro de La Casona de San Marcos.